Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recycled Materials

When KZ started making his "I'm bored" noise while playing with his toys, I knew I had to spice it up. As a preschool teacher, I so often used recycled materials to create beautiful pieces of artwork or to add a little inspiration to the different learning centers in our classroom. So, I decided to scrounge around a bit and found some paper towel rolls, packing paper, cooking twine, and bubble wrap.
The cupcake tin acts as a natural sorting tray. Each item is displayed neatly in the cups allowing KZ to explore them one by one.
Rolling the packing paper in long strips made it easy to handle and fun to bang.
KZ explored the empty spaces of the tray, too.
The cooking twine was an addition I made because KZ has been fascinated with strings. None of my clothes with strings are safe. If he finds them, he will taste them. 
Exhibit A.

* KZ is turning 8 months and still puts most objects in his mouth. Make sure anything you offer is CLEAN and always be hyper vigilant when using materials that are not specifically designed for baby use. I had to pull away the packing paper after a while because it disintegrated too easily when he gave it a little nibble.

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  1. that pic of kz eating string is making me die a little....mwah


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