Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Sushi Costume

We were excited to celebrate Kz's first Purim this year! Since it is customary to dress up, we googled "baby costumes" and had a good laugh at the results (try it!). The truth is, we only started searching a few days before the holiday so we didn't leave ourselves much time to order anything too crazy. Instead, I found this adorable sushi costume at The Wishing Elephant shop on Etsy. The owner of the shop was invited to the Martha Stewart for her costumes and I found a step by step tutorial here. I went off the grid a little and made some changes to the design so that it would fit Kz a little better. Here's how I did it...

You'll need
 - felt sheets (green, orange, black, ivory, pink and lime)
 - a sharp pair of scissors
 - a pencil or sharpie
 - a few pieces of cardstock or firm paper
 - a hot glue gun or sewing machine if you are awesome

First, I set out to make a template for the salmon sushi part of the costume. I did it freehand while looking at the sample on the etsy site so mine came out a tad larger than the original. You can download a printable version from the Martha Stewart link above.

I traced the template onto the orange felt and carefully cut out each shape. Hint: When you trace the template, do not center it on the felt sheet. Instead, position it to the left or right of the sheet, allowing room for the tail.

I hot glued the sushi pieces onto the ivory sheet and cut around the "fish" to create an applique. It is ok for the tail to hang over the edge.

I took a white, long sleeve onesie (it's winter!) and glued the fish applique to the front. Because I strayed from the original template, my sushi was a bit over-sized. I was careful to only glue the top half to the front of the onesie to allow for pants to slide under the tail. This also made for a more flexible suit for Kz to crawl around in.

I added embellishments - grass separators cut from green felt, a black strip of seaweed, a pink piece of ginger and a ball of lime green wasabi.

I loved the front of the outfit but realized that most people would be seeing the back while Kz was crawling around, so I duplicated the design on the back leaving out the wasabi and ginger...

Adding the design to the back turned out to be hilarious. It was like a little piece of sushi had jumped off the table and escaped.

What kinds of costumes have you made for you kids? I'd love to hear about them! 


  1. This is hilarious! And executed so well too! Looks so great!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!



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