Monday, January 28, 2013

No Frills Water Play

On a particularly boring afternoon, Kz was in desperate need of a fun activity. So, we decided to try a simple, no frills water play. A shallow Pyrex was heavy enough to not slide around too much and wide enough to allow Kz to feel the water with both hands. The transparent glass made the water nearly invisible until Kz splashed it around creating a ripple effect. 

Kz liked the feeling of the cool water on his hands so much that he eventually started putting the water on his feet. He dipped his hands in the water, touched his feet, wiggled his toes and of course, gave them a taste. When his toes started to turn pruney,  we added some bath toys so Kz could mouth and lick the water more comfortably (and admittedly, in a less gross way).

By the end of this activity, the towels were not nearly enough to keep the floor dry. Splashing became his favorite way to manipulate the water and both of us were completely soaked. Which was OK since it led us to our next thirty minute activity called "Changing Our Clothes."
 I have seen many posts about water play with added twists like using colored water, bubbles and toys. I have even read about glow water from Growing a Jeweled Rose. I like to start simple but it looks like we will have to try them all. Keep an eye out for some nuttier water play in later posts!

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