Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Pom Pom Play

One of my favorite bloggers, Plain Vanilla Mom, loves playing with Pom Poms. She puts them in an easily handled plastic container with maybe a few spoons or measuring cups and her son seems to have a ball. Check out this one of many Pom Pom posts by Plain Vanilla Mom. 

Seemed easy enough. 

The only Pom Poms I had are these crazy, sparkly ones with iridescent strings shooting out all around them. They are pretty awesome. And, oddly enough, while Kz loves putting any and all objects in his mouth, furry things often illicit a prompt look of disgust when he tastes them. I offered one large pom pom as a test and sure enough, Kz put it to his mouth and shuddered. Now that that was established, I poured the rest of the large Pom Poms (the package had some really tiny ones which would clearly not be appropriate for Kz) into a clear bin. He was interested enough at first...
 He touched the Pom Poms, took them out one by one, examined them, stirred them, and piled them in his lap.

 After a few minutes, they were all on the floor and Kz was happy since apparently, the Pom Poms were simply in the way of what he was really interested in; the container.
And so, the poor plastic container was sopping wet in a matter of moments, not a Pom Pom in sight.
Oh well. Maybe next time. 

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