Saturday, January 26, 2013

Temporary Play Spaces

It's been so fun watching Kz learn to sit up steadily on his own and teeter on his hands and knees in the beginning stages of crawling. Unfortunately, this means that the days of propping him up on the floor while I run to the bathroom or grab a snack from the kitchen are now over. In a bind, I grabbed this sturdy cardboard box and Kz had a brand new play space that kept him from getting into mischief around the house. 

Momentarily, at least.

We added a few toys after the excitement of being in a new space wore off.

I saved the box so that I might use it for a quick change of scenery when we are stuck inside the house. Although, I may have to invest in something a bit larger since a few more inches on Kz will have this box bursting at the seams and feeling like a jail instead of a new and exciting play space...

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