Monday, January 28, 2013

Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Kz received these great nesting and stacking blocks as a gift and he loves them. The hole on one side makes them easier to grip and the vibrant colors and patterns pique Kz's interest as soon as I bring them out. Kz is a bit young to actually stack or nest these blocks so I have been helping to create interesting structures for him to deconstruct and practice grabbing and reaching at different heights.
 As I began making towers for Kz to explore, he was a bit skeptical.
 The tallest tower rose high above his head and he looked at it cautiously. Eventually, he got excited and began flailing his arms...
 Uh oh! Again, Mommy!
We also use these blocks to play "Where is it?" We started by placing one toy beneath a large block and asked, "Where is it?" At first he was stumped, but then Kz began removing the block to discover the toy underneath. Now we use  the same small toy but place it under one of three larger blocks. This game is great for building memory and motor skills.

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