Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Kid's Co-op #2

The Weekly Kids Co-Op
 Since hosting the Kid's Co-op is still new, I have been going through the link list all week, trying to figure out which submissions to highlight. This seemingly simple task has sparked some questions about my philosophy as a mother and former teacher, and who I want to be as a blogger. What do I want my readers to gain from the posts I write? I thought long and hard about this, but then...

...I got a migraine ( for which I blame the long day spent with a teething ten month old). So, instead, I decided to accept these uncertainties as part of the fun. I'm not quite sure where this blogging adventure will take me, but I am certain that it will make me a better mother, and consequently, a better me. So, in no particular order, here are just a few submissions that I was drawn to last week. Thanks for sharing your incredible ideas!
Invitation to play with sea glass and picture frame

I had the opportunity to visit Reggio Emilia, Italy and have been obsessed with the philosophy ever since. Reggio-inspired activities involving loose parts and natural materials like this one from
My Nearest and Dearest are sure to consistently get my attention.

Many of the activities and ideas presented in the Weekly Kid's Co-op are fabulous for preschool-aged children. We aren't quite there yet so I love looking for submissions that work for babies and pre-toddlers like Kz. This one, from House of Burke, brings a creative component to sensory play.

Ninjas vs monster peg dollsThis one from Making Boys Men is really adorable. I like the idea of making small wooden peg dolls for Kz according to his interests. Right now, he would just eat them, but I think this is an activity I'll keep in my back pocket for a few months from now.

Here's the link for this week...Can't wait to see all your awesome ideas!

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