Monday, April 8, 2013

Spaghetti Sensory Play: Because We Wanted to Try It Too

Sensory Spaghetti Play is an idea that has become a classic among kid activity bloggers. But, just because it's been done (and done, and done) doesn't mean we can't do it, too...Right? I briefly considered not even including this activity in the blog, but the truth is, it's a kid bloggers right of passage and, was really fun! 

First, I have to say that I am not in the habit of using food for play. While it is a good solution for babies who still put things in their mouths, I think it can be rather wasteful. I also don't want Kz eating all of the artificial coloring that is in a lot of the food-based sensory play. "Why don't you just make it plain" you ask? Because that would be so BORING! So, I decided that providing food-based play every so often would be ok... Starting with these slimy, stringy, slippery strands of spaghetti!

In the past, when I presented fun materials for Kz to play with, they were received with a big smile. One look at this colorful, spaghetti-filled bin and he let out a shriek of pure glee. He immediately knew that this was going to be awesome and he got straight to work...

Squishing it, 

 talking to it,

dumping it,

And of course...

The spaghetti was room temperature but felt cool to the touch. Kz loved the way it felt on his legs and wiggled the strands between his toes. 

He surprised me by listening when I asked him not to eat the spaghetti. I let him nibble here and there but I really wanted him to experience it with his hands. Of course, every once in a while I would turn around and inevitably see this...

We loved this activity (I say "we" because it really felt good to pick up a fistful of spaghetti and mush it around in my hands.. try it!). It was so easy to make, too. Just cook the spaghetti, drain, separate into groups and add food coloring. One or two drops is plenty. I also added a bit of oil to make it extra slimy. I would love to do this more often without the guilt of using food for play. to do some synthetic spaghetti research!

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  1. hahaha....all your blog posts end with Kz and something hanging out of his that boy!!!


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