Sunday, April 14, 2013

Metal Band

One day, I brought out a sensory bin for Kz to play with. It was colorful and filled with different textures. I included some metal measuring cups for him to scoop the materials. When I placed the bin in front of him, he bypassed all the materials and went straight for the shiny measuring cup. He banged it on the hard floor a few times, looked up, and gave me his toothy, scrunchy-nosed smile.

Ok, Ok. You win. Let's play metal band.

I brought out the pots and pans and turned them upside down on the floor. The large pots made a deep sound when he hit them with the measuring cup. The lids sounded more like bells or cymbals. 

He tried banging the pots with his hands, but it just didn't sound as good. Frustrated, he picked up the lid to see what the problem was. He was greeted by a friendly baby who cheered him up.

Pots can be stepping stones, too.

 This is always a great go-to activity for Kz. It's one handed down from generation to generation and it never gets old. Except maybe for your ears.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the idea today! I took out some metal things (colander, bowl, pot etc...) and let baby G give it a go. Between the clanging and the home-made shakers, we had a good groove going! Thanks for a much needed distraction.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Danielle :) Sometimes it's the simplest things, right?

  2. excellent new profile pic of you and kz!


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