Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Real Life Wednesday - Have You Ever

This week, Kate from Picklebums asked to play "Have You Ever?" which I take to be the clean, mommy version of the game "Never Have I Ever." I laughed out loud reading this challenge because the truth is, we all do crazy things when we think no one is watching. I've definitely allowed Kz to eat stale cereal that he found on the floor from last week's lunch. On a few occasions, I've had three different laundry baskets collecting laundry in my bedroom because I was too lazy to put a load in when the first one filled up. There are countless other things that come to mind, but I have photographic evidence of one in particular:

Sometimes, other moms say to me, "How do you always have activities set up for your child?" The answer is, I don't! I sooooo don't.  In fact, one day I was feeling particularly uninspired. Kz was WHINY. And I mean, WHINY. I remember thinking about setting up an activity for him but the truth is, I was exhausted. I just wanted to sit on the couch. So, after some futile attempts at choosing toys for Kz to play with, I just took the whole basket out and plopped it down. "Here. Go nuts."

He was stunned at first. "Ummm, Mom? Are you sure?"

A few moments went by and he checked again, "Are you REALLY sure?" 


And so, I watched a good solid half hour of Bravo TV (my vice) and this seemingly uninspired gesture turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered for us both.

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  1. congrats...I just nominated you for the liebster award....stop at my blog and check it out!!!

  2. I have done this many times. In fact, we have boxes of toys we switch out so that when one loses its luster as far as interest, a new box appears and it is exciting again. I think free play is as important as structured activities.

    1. Yes! It's important for kids and for parents :) Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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