Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Light Exploration for Baby

 When I was teaching, one of my most favorite activities to do with my students was light exploration. They were a bit older than Kz (about 3 years old), so I often used tools like the light table and standing projector. I would dim the lights and allow the children to play with different materials in conjunction with projected images or in a darkened fort with flashlights and reflective objects like old CD's. I can't wait 'till Kz is old enough to enjoy these types of activities but in the meantime, I wanted him to be able to explore light in a simple and familiar way. 

I covered my dining room table with a large sheet to make the quickest and most comfortable fort for Kz and I to play in. A black sheet would have been ideal but the darkest I could find was a deep red. It was early afternoon when we decided to try this out so I spent some time turning off lights and closing blinds to get the room dark enough. Once the fort was all set, I grabbed Kz's nightlight from his bedroom. It is a turtle that projects colored stars all around the room. When my husband heard how much money I spent on this nightlight, he gave me a very stern look. Now I can argue that it has more than one use! Totally worth it :) Anyway, this was perfect because it provided a gentle glow of light in the fort without illuminating it fully.

I also brought in these glow bracelets that I purchased at the dollar store with this activity in mind. I bent them into circles and clasped them in place. IMPORTANT: The glow bracelets are not meant for small children. The clasps are small and could be a choke hazard if they come loose. They are non-toxic but let's be honest; these things glow in the dark. I would be horrified if any of the chemicals leaked out. I let Kz mouth them a little but as soon as he started to bite, I removed them. Please be extremely vigilant if you choose to use these. 

Kz loved hanging out in this new space. It was cozy and dark but large enough for him to sit comfortably while exploring the lights. 

He was excited to see his nightlight up close since it is usually out of reach from his crib. He picked it up, turned it over, and played with the buttons that change the color of the light. The glow bracelets were thin and a bit tricky to pick up, providing some good fine motor practice for Kz. Once in his hand, he banged them on the turtle's back and watched how the light blurred as he quickly waved them back and forth. 

Even I had a great time in the fort! I would like to search for some more materials to bring in. Maybe some small flashlights for little hands and reflective materials safe enough to chew on. Have you done anything like this? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 

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