Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly Kid's Co-op #5

Here are some of the highlights from the Kid's Co-op last week! 

The Weekly Kids Co-Op

Cutting Grass - It's so simple! I love ideas like this. Kz is too young for it, right now, but I will be pinning this for future use. Activities like this are great because they have developmental benefits and keep young ones engaged for extended periods of time. I remember how much my 3 year old students LOVED trimming our classroom plants, eek! If only I had thought to take the scissors outside... Thanks, Raise a Boy!

 Mud, Mud Glorious Mud - Housing a Forest and Growing a Jeweled Rose teamed up to do a Play Inspired by Nature series and this mud play looks INCREDIBLE. I don't think I could conjure up this much mud without digging up the neighbors flowerbeds, but I'd love to try some painting and drawing with a few cupfuls!

Planting a Rainbow Sensory Board - I love the Springy nature and literary connection of this sensory board from House of Burke. Kz has been destroying all of our lovely planted flowers in the yard. This may be just what he needs!

Link up your favorite kid friendly ideas, activities and recipes! Don't forget to check out some of the other submissions and leave some love.


  1. Thanks for featuring our post about cutting grass with scissors. I love your shredded paper posts. I think my baby (9 months) would have a blast with it (he's in the paper/book tearing phase). Unfortunately he's big into eating paper right now too so I may have to wait a bit to try it with him.

  2. Thanks for featuring my post!! I don't know how I missed this!? :)


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