Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shredded Paper Mural

A few posts back, we wrote about our adventures with shredded paper play. If you recall, Kz wasn't too fond of the paper at first. (If you missed it, click HERE). He warmed up to it, but since then I've been weary of taking it out. This morning, I decided it was time to revisit the shredded paper in a new (and less intimidating) way.

I prepared the wall with a sheet of contact paper, sticky side out. I would have loved to do this activity in a window, but we don't have one close enough to the ground for Kz to reach while working. (If you do, go for it!) Then I placed a small pile of shreds in front of him and demonstrated how to bring a shred up to the contact paper and press to stick.

It took some getting used to, but Kz got the hang of it, even getting on his knees to place the shreds higher up. We found some old shoelaces that I helped Kz stick, but most of them were too heavy for the contact paper to hold. Boo. Anyway, when we needed more shreds, I dumped them into a basket so Kz wouldn't be surrounded by shreds on the floor (we all know how he feels about that...).

We worked on the mural for a long while. Sometimes Kz would stop to examine the shreds in the basket. Other times he would pull down some of the ones we'd already hung. When he finished pulling them down, we worked together to stick them back up.

And once we were on a roll, we nearly filled the sticky paper. It was fun to try and find empty spaces to stick the shreds (for me, that is... Kz didn't care much if it stuck or not). I pointed to them so Kz could find them, too.

While we worked, I found myself wishing the shreds had been colorful but in the end, I liked the way it was monochromatic. It made the texture of the mural all the more appealing. 

When Kz had had enough, I removed the mural from the wall and rehung it in the window so the light could shine through. We admired it while we ate (it was next to our dining table) and Kz pulled strands off every once in a while as he cruised on by. 

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