Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby's First Marks

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On a recent trip to our local favorite playground, I noticed that Kz was making marks in the sand. At first, I thought it was incidental, but after a closer look, I realized his marks were quite intentional. I typically engage in sensory play with Kz and while some of the activities we do are filled with fine motor benefits, I haven't prepared many activities that encourage deliberate mark making. What was I waiting for?

Once I caught on, we started exploring different mark making tools. Kz began writing with sticks so we compared the marks that different sized sticks could make.

This was the biggest stick we could find. 

When sticks became scarce, we got creative and made thick marks with a toy truck...

When Kz found these leaves, he immediately brushed the ground with them. I pointed out the unique marks they made.

He also practiced writing over some doodles of my own.

"Mom, what do you mean we can't draw with that one..."

Kz worked hard with several tools to create this drawing. He didn't seem too impressed with it, but I was one proud mama. We will definitely do some more intentional mark making and pre-writing at home. I'm sorry it wasn't on my radar, Kz!


  1. Aww I love Kz's first marks! So sweet! :)

  2. Very cute! Exciting that you got to share in his mark making experience, loving that he tried to carry on with half a tree! Thanks for stopping by the Outdoor Play Party, I hope you'll link up again tomorrow.

  3. I just noticed my daughter doing this the other day in our sandbox! Love your blog!


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