Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Favorite Playground

We moved about 6 months ago and we're still getting acquainted with our new area. So, after reading a great post from Little Moments about finding the best playground ever, we accepted the challenge to go on a playground hunt! 

On our search, we found so many great playgrounds. Some were new, some were old, some fancy, some simple. But, after much exploring, we finally found it. 
 Our playground.

10 Awesome things about OUR playground: 

1) It's in walking distance to our home. This is a huge plus. I don't have to worry about packing up the car, parking, travel time... We just hop in the stroller and go. 

2) It's one large sandbox. This makes it fun even without the equipment. Yes, there's a little more cleanup required when the day is through, but I don't really mind. I also think the sand is softer than the rubber flooring in most playgrounds and provides a good cushion for Kz's frequent spills. 

 3) It's a tot park. I didn't even know they had public tot parks. Everything is small enough for Kz to practice crawling, climbing, pulling, and sliding ALL ON HIS OWN. There are only a few things I had to help him with and after some practice, he was able to move through the entire park with no help at all. 

4) There are permanent little toy trucks to play with. How cute is that? Kz LOVES these and knowing they are here means I don't have to buy them! If you're like me, you dread those awkward mommy moments when your child wants to play with a toy that another child has brought to the park. These trucks are park property so everyone shares them graciously.

5) There are developmentally appropriate manipulatives attached to small wall panels throughout the park. They are all just the right height so Kz can cruise around, stopping along the way to spin the wheel, listen to the chimes or peek in the mirror.

6) Chain link fences may not be chic but they are PERFECT for a cruising baby. They have tons of places to grab onto and the holes make for a nice scenic route. Kz does laps around the perimeter of the park. This is excellent exercise (and the ultimate prelude to a great afternoon nap).

7) There are lots of natural treasures to dig up and explore. On this day, we found another (not so natural) treasure that had been left behind and gave it some love, too.

8) There are lots of small crawl spaces for curious kids to explore. One of Kz's favorite pastimes is finding the smallest space in our home and trying to squeeze himself under, over or through it. You think I can install these tubes in my house?

9) There are still some challenges. While Kz can do most of the things at this playground, there are still some things he cannot do just yet. There is room to grow into this park and that means we can continue to visit for years to come.

10) It's never crowded. Before we moved, we lived in NYC and there was never a time when a park wasn't crowded. While I became used to that type of living, there is something so serene about the fact that this park is never full. There are usually one or two other children there and sometimes we even have it to ourselves.

Have you found YOUR playground yet?

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  1. I love to see the pix of Kz playing! What a terrific park for him to explore.

  2. What a delightful post about your local park. It really does seem perfect for Kz (and you)! :) I'm lucky -- we have a ton of wonderful parks on my area. Thanks so much for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday last weekend!


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